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Custom Painting FAQ 

01. / Getting Started:

If you are interested in getting more information or if you are ready to get your free quote for your custom painting, please fill out the request form HERE.

02. / What kind of custom paintings do you offer?

  • Watercolor Portraits

  • Pet Portraits

  • Home & Venue Illustrations 

  • Wedding Crests

  • Event Signs & Menus

  • Wedding Invitation Suites

  • Portrait Guestbooks

These are a few of the custom services I offer, but I am always thrilled to create something new and personalized. If you have a special request, I would love to hear it!

03. / I would like to order a custom family portrait, but I don't have a single photo of all the subjects. Can you bring multiple photos together?

Absolutely! I can use multiple reference photos to capture the house, the kids, and the family pet too in one picture perfect painting. That is what makes custom orders so fantastic!

04. / How long do custom paintings generally take?

Typical turnaround time for a custom order is 2-4 weeks, but I will be able to provide a more detailed timeline once we discuss the project!

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